Storage of Coated Abrasives

Proper storage is essential with coated abrasive products, ideal conditions being:

Temperature range 60 degrees to 80 degrees F.

Humidity range 35% to 50% R.H.

Correct storage is vital when the finished product has a large surface area such as a wide belt. The simplest storage unit would be a room (enclosed) with 40 – 60 Watt light globe at ground level to maintain relatively dry conditions. Coated abrasives should never be stored where extreme variations in temperature and relative humidity occur, such cyclic changes can bring about rapid deterioration of the bond and the backing. Provided coated abrasives are not subject to extreme variations of temperature and R.H., performance should not vary greatly.


Storage and handling of resin fiber discs requires certain normal precautions. Discs should not be subjected to extreme atmospheric conditions.

Ideal storage is 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). 50-60% relative humidity.

For long storage leave discs in original packaging.

Rotate stock to insure freshness of supply.





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